About Inspire Me

‘Inspire Me’ is the latest entrepreneurship program, introduced to create an ultimate support system for emerging female entrepreneurs across Sri Lanka who demonstrate commendable resilience under pressure.

The initiative – Inspire Me is a YouTube Channel that was launched in July 2020 by Nayanika Wijekoon, Founder/CEO of Inspire Me, to bring emerging female entrepreneurs into the spotlight and echo their story to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. The program interviews female entrepreneurs with home-based businesses to discuss how their ventures were nurtured to the current state.

The interview also shed the spotlight on challenges faced by these entrepreneurs and more importantly how they drove their way towards success. The stories and advice shared by these entrepreneurs at the interviews become a true inspiration to local women to kick-off their own business by converting their business idea into a venture.

Inspire Me has been gaining fabulous momentum in YouTube since its launch and the program so far has interviewed 15 entrepreneurs. The Inspire Me team envisions to feature/interview more female entrepreneurs in the future from across Sri Lanka and even invite male entrepreneurs to join potentially.

Any female home-based business owner is now welcome to reach out to the Inspire Me team to request to feature their venture and gain brand visibility, talk about their product and story on a public forum and enable the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Sri Lanka.